about us

Based in Houston, Texas and serving clients around the world since 2000; we are a small, young and ambitious team dedicated to developing strategic and unique solutions to meet your company's communication and branding objectives. We also like to think we have the know-how of communicating to your international customers with professionalism and grace.


Don't know what your objectiveS are?

No worries. Abstrakt Designs can help enhance your business' communication through strategic, thoughtful delivery, created specifically with your stakeholders and customers in mind. From concept to completion, we know what works to take your business to the next level.The work not only represents you, it represents the Abstrakt Designs brand as well.

top secret

Can't show you a full portfolio for proprietary reasons. Abstrakt Designs respects the integrity of your company, and we do whatever it takes to ensure it. We take your secrets to the grave.

Some samples are availble to view upon request.

dahlia kelada, Founder/CEO

Dahlia is a native Houstonian who really loves everything about the city. She grew up with a family full of engineers and chemists. Who would have guessed that an artistic yet analytical entrepreneur would emerge. It all started in middle school where she had her first business, selling candy to other school kids for 200% profit! Many businesses came after, and this was just the beginning of a life-long career of getting and keeping loyal customers, regardless of what was being sold.

You'll quickly find out, Dahlia has no problem sayin' it like it is. She believes in being up front and honest with her clients, and loves getting the same feedback in return.

Dahlia is a Magna cum laude graduate from the University of Houston where she earned a double degree in Advertising & Public Relations and Corporate & Organizational Communication. She has also received a certificate in Strategic Communication Management from the Ithaca College of Graduate Studies in New York, and a Global MBA(c)-Management from the University of Houston.

She has been involved in marketing strategy and communications for local and international businesses since 2000 and has worked with various technical clients (seen and unseen in the client list). Dahlia was also a graphic design and business communication instructor at a Houston-area business college.