On a side note: If your advertising campaign doesn't show cohesive branding, you should fire your agency, immediately call abstrakt designs and go get yourself a drink.

there's no point in advertising sloppy or wasting your time and money!

Often times, we hear our clients say they want to send out direct mail or e-mail blasts, for example. But in actuality, they end up needing something completely different!

WHY? What to create completely depends on how and when your audience prefers to receive information. This involves research and strategic planning.

Abstrakt Designs knows how to hear between the lines to provide strategic visual solutions based on when and where your audience will be ready to listen.

The best part is, they are ready now. Let's approach them the way they want to be approached.


the plan

Once we've identified your advertising objective, messaging statements and target audience, the next step is positioning; where we optimally place those messages so that your target audience will experience them.

A communication plan determines which media to advertise with, placement frequency and timing. The Abstrakt Designs communication plan will also identify why select media is used, as well as what messages are being said with those selected media vehicles.

The step of creating a communication plan precedes developing an advertising campaign, although some would argue it's the same. We don't think it is.


Ahh. This is the best part! Creating an advertising or communications campaign is much like being an orchestra conductor; managing several media vehicles with perhaps different messages, targeting very specific audiences, all at the same time! The orchestra conductor takes each instrument, and controls it in such a way that it becomes one, multi-dimensional song.

People opt to have an advertising campaign because several methods of communication are being used, and build on each other to establishing and encourage a cohesive call-to-action.


We work with media vendors, publishers, producers, etc. to select the best time, location and space to advertise. This is typically done over a series of days, weeks or months, depending on the media vehicle. Media recommendations will be outlined in your communication plan.

Ad creation

Once we know what to say and where to say it, it's time to visually and/or audibly cultivating those messages to present to the target audience.

Print ads, whether small magazine ads or large billboards, will be designed by trained and experienced graphic designers.

Just so you know: Abstrakt Designs will not hire any graphic designer that just creates pretty pictures with no substance.

We only hire graphic designers who know how to visually communicate a brand with the sole purpose of selling an idea, product or service.