How do you share the intracacies of an idea with your stakeholders and investors? Let me guess, you draw it out with diagrams on what always seems to be an unexciting, blue PowerPoint. Shove all your ideas all onto as little slides as possible; and stand up there and point?

Or, perhaps your stakeholders get a diagram e-mailed to them and are left to decipher what you’re really trying to say, creating yet another strand of miscommunication.


Abstrakt Designs isn’t going to reinvent the wheel. Let’s use the tools you already have to its fullest capacity, and in a way that’s easier for your viewers to comprehend and remember; and easier for you to deliver. You’ll be surprised what we can do with a PowerPoint presentation!


RELAX. YES. We can help you translate that complex idea into an easy-to-understand visual. We’re fluent in taking what may seem to be confusing thoughts and making them appear like simple ideas. We’re pretty good at that!


Do you find yourself repeating the same thing, in slightly different ways, yet people still don’t get it? Gee whiz, that can be frustrating!No worries.

Let’s take a look at your existing methods and dissect them to determine why your important messages just aren’t getting across. More often than not, the issue seems that companies just aren’t speaking the same language as their stakeholders, even when they think they are.

Our corporate communication strategists can transform your communication methods to be concise, clear, useful and effective.